An academic thesis researching mind control and manipulation within technology and their ramifications on our cognitive liberty.


Every day we are bombarded by futuristic narratives warning that we are going to fall into a seemingly dystopian world of control. It seems control of our freedom no longer belongs to the owner of the mind. Have we now relinquished control to someone other than ourselves who has crawled inside our head and hijacked our humanity?

I outline a few of the many technologies that have been utilised to gain control over individual human beings minds, that can manipulate society as a whole. By delving into these topics I discover how the mind can be manipulated, or ‘hacked’. Why are we fearful, should we rebel against it, or embrace it? Does the greatest freedom come from opening our minds to it, or protecting ourselves against the ramifications? What is the relationship between freedom and control in association to self?

I set out to create a design that illustrates the power and illusion of mind control alongside my dissertation. I created some pertinent technology, to assist with reading a digital format, influenced by BCI (Brain computer interface) I developed a concept that enabled the user to move the cursor on a screen with ‘thought’.